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Cookeville Woodworking in Corinth Vermont is a one person woodworking shop. Bill Peberdy has been producing attractive hand-crafted furniture and accessories in Vermont since 1989. The pieces are created with reclaimed antique lumber, old doors, architectural moldings, and cut nails. He uses native harvested pine, specially cut by a local band-saw mill. This allows for a better use of the materials, and reduces the amount of wood that might go to waste. The combination of these elements produces exceptional looking cabinets that are well-built to last. 
Bill produces a variety of handsome cabinets as well as cupboards, nightstands, hand-carved mirror frames, and other items. The finished products are unique items that will serve a practical function anywhere in the home or office workspace.

Early on I was inspired by simple, rural vernacular and Shaker furniture. Over time, I found that the bright colors and unusual trim details in Scandinavian and Eastern European country furniture blended well with the reclaimed lumber and miscellaneous architectural details I enjoy incorporating into my work. Much of the idea for the various carved crests on my mirrors evolved from crests found on early New England grave markers.

Contact info:
Tele: 802 439 5581
Email: cookevillewoodworking.com@gmail.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CookevilleWoodworking