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Robert Chapla
  Currently residing in Newbury, Vt., I have experienced and enjoyed many landscapes. My painting style, originating on the East Coast, was developed in Northern California. After returning East, buying and restoring an old farm with a studio/barn has been a dream-become-reality and simultaneously painting the local environment has been a return to my painting ‘roots’. The seasonal changes and scenes that Vermont offers inspire the majority of my paintings.

  I begin some paintings on-site, in 'plein air', not only because of the unique light, mood and ideas a specific setting affords, but also because of the society of people I paint with and meet locally. It is much about placing oneself "out" there, with the paintings acquiring finish from interior motives realized in the studio.

  Texture, rhythm and color are integral to the style of my art, which ranges from realistic to semi-abstract in a broad range of sizes from intimate to grand. I try to place in my work the joy of the moment. Ideally the paintings contribute a visual and spiritual enhancement to the lives of the people that experience them.  

  Robert grew up in Lorain, Ohio and graduated from Columbia College in New York City with a degree in Art History. He has taken numerous classes in fine art at a number of institutions, exhibited widely and taught extensively over the years, including 6 years in Yosemite Valley. 

  Robert J Chapla
  Hidden Springs Studio
  580 Fuller Rd.
  Newbury, Vt. 05051


  facebook: Robert chapla

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